May 2021

What Shall We Talk About Today?

Talking to each other is a wonderful thing! It gives us a chance to share perspectives and experiences and helps bring us closer together.

June 2021

Teaching With Stories!

Storytime is a big hit with families, but it is also popular with schools all over the world! Our colourful issues contain stories aimed at a variety of reading levels and cover a wide range of subjects and themes, which gives them broad appeal. Teachers also find that the magazine format is also less intimidating for reluctant readers than a traditional book.

November 2020

Sweet Dreams!

Kids need lots of sleep to lead happy and healthy lives – but getting enough can be challenging, especially in this era of multimedia stimulation! There are many things that can be done to create a positive and calming bedtime routine – and stories can play a key role.

August 2021

A Summer of Stories!

Stories for kids for the summer holiday. Read on mobile, tablet or laptop. Seagulls, mermaids, sunshine, staycation, sand castles.