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  • Storytime is one of the most popular resources for schools around the world
  • A wide readership across more than 60 countries
  • A perfect resource for reluctant readers who might not pick up a book, and for children who are learning English as an additional language
  • A new issue of Storytime, along with individual stories in digital and audio formats, and an accompanying resource pack is loaded up every month
  • If you also receive hard copies – these are posted out the first Wednesday of each month
  • We support the National Curriculum for reading, writing and comprehension
  • Each issue is also accompanied by a free online teaching resource pack
  • The packs contain lesson ideas, comprehension exercises, a glossary and fun activities that link to topics in the curriculum
  • Even better, the proportion of children who enjoyed reading increased too
  • Contains fairy tales, modern tales, awesome animals, inspiring children, real life stories, myths & legends
  • We love to celebrate different cultures and countries through our stories - whatever a child’s background it is important they see themselves represented

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